Flashcards Part 1- Older Learners

Teaching flashcards: Part 1 teaching flashcards cover the 44 basic sounds. Each sound card has an associated picture and word to highlight the sound. Picture cards have attractive, colourful original illustrations.
These cards are used for the blending and segmenting of new and known sounds and encoding of words. They are also used for sounds review and in fun flashcard games requiring recall of letter sounds. They have an important place in each lesson plan and should be used prior to workbook activity.
The ‘younger learner’ set of flashcards is suitable for use with older learners. Some additional picture and word cards with a more mature focus have been added.

Sets 1-5: 92 Cards New sounds

$148.95 A5 size                        $74.95 A6 size

Sets 6-9: 66 cards New sounds

$106.95 A5 size              $53.95 A6 size

Sets 1-9: 50 cards Review sounds

$80.95 A5 size              $40.95 A6 size

Sets 1-9: 68 cards Assessment

$109.95 A5 size              $54.95 A6 size

Note: Word cards are for recognition of key sound only in the early stages. Learners are not asked to decode words with unfamiliar sounds.

Assessment flashcards: The flashcards are used for oral assessment or ‘phonics check’ at the end of each set of five sounds. They contain letter sounds and words learned in the current and previous sets along with ‘special words’. They are used to test pronunciation, blending and segmenting skills. The assessments are straightforward to administer. The cards are to be used in conjunction with the written assessment and Assessment Guide which also contains copies of all cards.

Older learners Part 1 Assessment flashcards

Finest quality: These are high quality durable gloss laminated A5 and A6 cards with dividers. The A5 size cards can be used with larger groups and a display board and the A6 size cards are suitable for small group or individual teaching using a flat surface.
The A5 flashcards fit into a custom made ring binder.
The A6 flashcards fit neatly into a square 2-litre household container.

Sounds and Alphabet Charts – See Sounds Chart