Fast-track Phonics videos for older learners- Part 1

Older Learners (For intervention) Lesson 3 /t/ Set 1

Older Learners (For Intervention) Review Set 1

The Fast-track Phonics videos are designed to consolidate the content of lessons for the individual sounds. Learners are expected to participate:  to say, blend and segment the sounds, and do the associated actions as the video plays along. The actions can be performed sitting at a desk or standing.

Older Learners Part 1B

Older Learners (For intervention) Lesson 26 /ch/ Set 6

Older Learners (For Intervention) Review Set 6 

The videos do not have a soundtrack. The teacher should read the instructions (contained in the slides) out loud and then do a voiceover as a guide for pronunciation of sounds and words.   

The videos contain copies of the picture, word and sound flashcards, blending and segmenting activities in the sequence outlined in the respective teacher guides, and replicated in the activity workbooks. Each video contains the individual sounds for Sets 1-9. There are ‘sounds reviews’ at the introduction of each new sound and video reviews with cumulative sounds at the end of each Set.