Workbooks for Older Learners Part 1

Sounds 1-10 of 

Basic 44  Sounds 

s    a    t    p    i 

n   m   d   g    o

Sounds 11-20 of

Basic 44  Sounds

c    e    u    r    h     

b     f     l    j     v

Workbooks reinforce lesson content

  • Copies of flashcard pictures and associated actions – give visual and kinaesthetic association with the key sound.
  • Elongating key sounds – assists with blending and segmenting of sounds.
  • Drawing of objects associated with key sounds – reinforces key sound in learner’s memory
  • Reading words and short sentences with key sounds only – prepares learner for reading passages
  • Coded reading of passages and associated drawing – develop reading confidence and test reading comprehension   

Sounds 21-30 of 

Basic 44  Sounds 

w    x    y    z    qu 

ch    sh    th    th    ng

Sounds 31-44 of 

Basic 44  Sounds 

ai    oa    ie    ee    or

ou    oi    ue    er     ar  

oo    oo    ə    zh (si/su)

  • Consonant digraph sound – introduces digraph concept – 2 letters for one sound
  • Regular review and miming of previous 5 sounds – reinforces these sounds for current use
  • Segmenting sounds and reading words in sentences – develops decoding skills and reading comprehension
  • Special words – build on list of common words with undecodable or alternative spellings
  • Completing CVCC words containing digraphs – reinforces use of digraphs for one sound
  • Completing and blending CCVCC and CVCCVC words – extends word building, vocabulary and decoding skills
  • Vowel digraph sound-extends knowledge of digraph concept-2 letters for one vowel sound and r-affected vowels
  • Independent recall of and writing of long vowel sounds-reinforces knowledge of sounds in long-term memory
  • Reading of coded words and sentences-prepares learner for coded reading of paragraphs and stories using sounds to date
  • Recall of long vowel sounds for use in cloze activity-develops spelling and reading comprehension skills
  • Introducing syllables using short and long vowels-develops spelling and pronunciation and a foundation for compound words