Fast-track Phonics Part 1: Teacher Guides

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Fast-track phonics Teacher-Guide-Part-1
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Teacher Guide by Margaret Corner and Irene Chamberlain                                                                                                                                                                                                            Part 1, Sets 1-9    (109 pages)

This Guide covers the teaching of the 44 basic sounds using a structured literacy approach, with a focus on synthetic phonics, extending to reading comprehension and writing skills. It contains reproducible lesson plan templates. The recommended teaching methodology is systematic, cumulative, explicit, multisensory and needs-based.)

Assessment Guide by Margaret Corner and Irene Chamberlain                                                                                                                                                                                                Part 1, Sets 1-9  (44 pages)

This Guide accompanies the sequential content of ‘sounds’ teaching as outlined in the Teacher Guide Part 1, Sets 1-9. Assessments/phonic checks cover knowledge of sounds in terms of listening, speaking, reading and writing, along with ‘special words’. It contains reproducible rubrics and forms to record individual and class progress and answer sheets for written assessments.