Part 2 Workbooks for Older Learners
Alternative Spellings for Long Vowels

Set 10:  ai:    ay   a_e

Set 11:  ee:   ea  ey  ie

Set 12:  oi:    oy

Set 13:  oo:  u

oa:  ow   o_e   o 

or:  aw   al   oor

ue:  ew  u_e  u

oo:  ou  ue  

ie:   y   igh   i_e

ou:  ow  

er:  ir   ur   or          ar:     a  

air:  are  ear          ear:  eer  

Margaret Corner and Irene Chamberlain

$20.95 per package – 2 books full colour: 36 page                                  $12.95 per package – 2 books b & w inside pages: 36pages

  • Activities with rhyming wordsencourage learner to identify alternative spellings in rhyme
  • Activities with homophonesassist reading comprehension and spelling
  • Activities with homographs – assist pronunciation and reading comprehension
  • Pronunciation games – reinforce alternative spellings of long vowels
  • Application of prefixes and suffixes to base word – assists vocabulary development and reading comprehension
  • Cloze exercises with phrases – extend vocabulary and test reading comprehension skills
  • Reading, spelling and pronunciation of 2-syllable words – draws learner attention to word stress and word meaning