Part 3 – Teacher Guides

$ 37.95

Teacher Guide, Parts 2 and 3, Sets 10–17 (90 pages)                                                                                               (Part 3, Sets 14-17)

Covers revision of the 44 basic sounds and their most common spellings. It introduces the concept of alternative spellings for short vowels, consonants, along with silent letters, using a structured literacy approach. It contains reproducible lesson plan templates.

Part 3 – Flashcards

Teaching flashcards: Part 1 teaching flashcards cover the 44 basic sounds. Each sound card has an associated picture and word to highlight the sound. Picture cards have attractive, colourful original illustrations. For teaching blending and segmenting of sounds and word building using a display board or flat surface. For use with large or small groups or individuals.

Sets 14-15: 82 Cards New sounds

$132.95 A5 size                          $66.95 A6 size

Sets 16-17: 81 cards New sounds

$132.95 A5 size              $66.95 A6 size

Sets 14-17: 28 cards Assessment

$45.95 A5 size              $22.95 A6 size

Note: Word cards are for recognition of key sound only in the early stages. Learners are not asked to decode words with unfamiliar sounds. Read more…

Part 3 Workbooks - Alternative spellings for
short vowels, consonants; silent letters

Margaret Corner and Irene Chamberlain                              

$20.95 per package – 2 books full colour: 36 page                                $12.95 per package – 2 books b & w inside pages: 36 pages

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Part 3 Younger classroom videos