Margaret Corner, MA (Hons), Dip Tchg, PG Dip SLT, is a New Zealand registered teacher and has taught English at primary and secondary levels for over 25 years. She has also founded and worked in an international education consultancy, training teachers in Asia and Africa. She loves teaching and helping children to make the most of their individual talents. 

Fast-track Phonics – benefits

  • Creative and fun teaching methods appeal to children.
  •  Multi-sensory learning means better retention for pupils.
  • Research-proven methodology means guaranteed better results.
  • Systematic teaching method begins with the most frequently used sounds.
  • Teaches blending and segmenting for better reading, spelling and pronunciation.
  • Addresses pronunciation errors for ongoing improved pronunciation.
Fast-track phonics caters for different learning styles and is multisensory.
  • Visual – pictures, sound cards and word cards
  • Aural – listening activities
  • Oral – speaking activities
  • Physical – actions for sounds
  • Logical – learning from most to least common sounds
  • Social – action songs, games
  • Independent– self-study with workbook activities

Course resources

  • Fun picture, sound and word flashcards for fast learning
  • Activity workbooks for learners
  • Action songs and poems to reinforce sounds
  • Digital videos for viewing and sound recognition
  • Instructions for simple actions to remember sounds and create words
  • A range of activities and games to reinforce learning
  • Resources with simple methods to assess student progress
  • Teacher guides with lesson guidelines and resource information