Part 1A Workbooks for young learners – Alphabet Sounds

Set 1:

s a t p i

Set 2:

n m d g o

Set 3:

c/k e r u h

Set 4:

b j l j v

Set 5:

w x y z qu

Margaret Corner and Irene Chamberlain                              

$55.95 per package – 5 books full colour: 144 page                                $38.95 per package – 5 books b & w inside pages: 144 pages

Workbooks reinforce lesson content.

    • Copy of flashcard picture and associated action give visual and kinaesthetic association with the key sound.
    • Pattern practice, colouring in of letter outlines and guided handwriting assist hand-eye co-ordination and reinforce the key sound.
    • Identifying key sound in pictures of familiar items – assists aural and visual memory of key sound
  • Blending and segmenting sounds and CVC words – develops decoding and encoding skills
  • Reading cumulative CVC words and sentences – develops vocabulary and syntax knowledge
  • Writing consonants and vowels to form CVC words – first steps towards creating own words
  • Tracing dots to form pictures that contain key sound – reinforces awareness of key sound
  • Identifying specific sounds in pictures of objects – to  recognise sounds in a wider context
  • Identifying specific sounds in sound grid – letter-sound recognition for later decoding words
  • Matching pictures with key sounds – reinforces connection of letter sounds in words
  • Coded reading of simple sentences  –  develops reading skills and self confidence
  • Drawing a picture to illustrate sentences – tests reading comprehension skills

The Fast-track Phonics videos are designed to consolidate the content of lessons for the individual sounds. Learners are expected to participate:  to say, blend and segment the sounds, and do the associated actions as the video plays along. The actions can be performed sitting at a desk or standing.

Part 1B Workbooks for young learners

Consonant and Vowel Digraphs

Set 6:

ch sh th th ng

Set 7:

ai oa ie ee or

Set 8:

ou oi ue er ar

Set 9:

oo (long) oo (short) zh

Margaret Corner and Irene Chamberlain                              

$44.95 per package – 4 books full colour: 112 pages                            $30.95 per package – 4 books b & w inside pages: 112 pages

  • Consonant digraph sound introduces digraph concept – 2 letters for one sound
  • Miming of sounds and words– reinforces blending and segmenting skills in a fun way
  • Completing CVCC and CCVC words using adjacent consonants/consonant digraphs – extends word building, vocabulary and decoding skills
  • Regular review of previous 5 sounds – uses visual association to review sounds
  • Using new sounds to complete words in sentences – develops spelling and reading skills
  • Pattern practice reinforcement – maintains handwriting accuracy
  • Colouring-in curved and straight patterns – develops handwriting flow and movement
  • Special words – build on lists of common words with undecodable or alternative spellings
  • Writing of key sound in context of words – assists handwriting of words using correct spelling
  • Introducing syllables using short and long vowels – develops spelling and pronunciation
  • Identifying same sounds in digraph sounds grid – for letter-sound recognition decoding skills
  • Colouring-in object with key sound – reinforces digraph and develops hand-eye co-ordination
  • Reviewing the ‘FLOSS’ rule – for spelling and pronunciation of words with double consonants
  • Brainstorming words – preparation for writing title and simple sentence
  • Illustrating own written sentence – requires learner to check writing for coherent idea/s

For intervention, see ‘Part 1 Workbooks for Older Learners